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Back for the Bank Holiday!

Welcome to this week's Bakery News!

Thank you for your patience with us being closed last Friday, we had a great time at the Country Living Magazine Spring Fair at Alexandra Palace, see below for peek at what we were up to...

As promised, we are baking again this week with Bank Holiday specials on Friday 4th May.

Whilst you are deciding what you'd like this week, why not treat yourself to one of these?

  • Classic Brioche - This traditional French treat is enriched with butter and eggs, flavoured with vanilla beans and topped with pearl sugar.
    Beneath the light brown crust the bread is as light as air!
  • French Baguette - Crispy organic French baguettes (as taught by Richard Bertinet). Best eaten on day of purchase, though lovely warmed in the oven on a Saturday or toasted on Sunday!
  • Apple & Chilli Jelly - This proper preserve uses the apple pulp from our London cider making resulting in a hot, sweet, fruity condiment perfect for sandwiches, salads and Sunday roasts. We love this with hot sausages, cold meats or simply with a chunk of good cheese on bread... **As Seen On TV!!**

The new ordering system will no longer accept orders after 5pm the day before you want to collect, so do let us know what you fancy earlier in the week.

If you realise that you've missed the 5pm deadline, do look out for our spare bakes that we post on our Facebook Group on Friday afternoons, I'm sure we'll have something available that you'll like!

We are looking forward to baking for you again, so let us know what you fancy and we can get started!

All products can be found by collection or by searching for your favourite, 

Don't forget that all our loaves are made with organic flour and ethically sourced ingredients and everything can be frozen if you don't think you'll eat it all straight away.

Thanks and we hope to see you on Friday,

Sara & Katie

p.s. If you have any allergies or questions do leave a note on your order or get in touch ;)

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