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Don't get caught out!

Last Friday was probably the first where Katie and I were left without a crumb of bread left for breakfast, we sold every single loaf! It was lovely to meet both old an new customers, as well as our faithful regulars, we hope you enjoyed your bakes...

Thanks to some kind recommendations on Facebook, and a local magazine feature, we have already had new orders in for this week. So don't get caught out, we would be sad to tell you, once you've arrived in the kitchen on Friday, that we've sold out. Place your orders by 5pm on Thursday and rest assured that your favourites with be baked fresh, especially for you!

Already in the baking schedule this week:

  • Carrot Cake Simply the best in the world! Once you've tried Katie's Carrot Cake all other versions will be disappointing....
  • French Baguette Crispy organic French baguettes (as taught by Richard Bertinet). Best eaten on day of purchase, though lovely warmed in the oven on a Saturday or toasted on Sunday!
  • Beetroot Sourdough Sweet pink beetroot streaks through this traditional sourdough. Great with soup, cheese or just to snack on... Makes fantastic cheese on toast with Stilton & walnuts!
  • Cinnamon & Raisin Bagel Mmm, it lives up to it’s name!

We are looking forward to baking for you again, so let us know what you fancy and we can get started!

As usual we'll have lot of treats available this Friday for you to enjoy the whole week through. All products can be found by collection or by searching for your favourite.

Don't forget that all our loaves are made with organic flour and ethically sourced ingredients...

Just a reminder, please can we have your orders in by 5pm on Thursday.

Thanks and we hope to see you on Friday,

Sara & Katie

p.s. If you have any allergies or questions do leave a note on your order or get in touch ;)

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