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Practise makes perfect!

Thank you to all those that bought bread from us last week, we hope you enjoyed it, especially if you tried one of our new products....

We are continuing to practise new recipes and last Friday found an element of break through with the ciabattas. Our first couple of attempts looked right on the outside but were missing the signature large bubbles on the inside. Adding more water to the dough helps the bubbles form more easily, but results in a dough that has the consistency of warm custard! Last Friday we somehow managed to fold the custard style dough into rough shapes for baking, once cooled and sliced the ciabatta was wonderful inside with big holes, chewy texture and a great taste. The overall shape of the loaves was a bit unusual, have you ever tried to fold custard? So we are going to continue tweaking and practising until we get a loaf we can be proud of!

Whilst we've recently started selling Fresh Eggs again, we have also got new season Seville Orange Marmalade available (made last week from Organic Spanish Oranges).

Don't forget that all our loaves are made with organic flour and ethically sourced ingredients...

    All other products can be found by collection or by searching for your favourite.

    Whilst our official opening times are 5-7pm, we do try to finish our baking earlier than that, so if you would like to pick up by a certain time, do leave a note on your order and we will try to plan our baking to allow that.

    As always, please can we have your orders in by 5pm on Thursday.

    Thanks and we hope to see you on Friday,

    Sara & Katie

    p.s. If you have any allergies or questions do leave a note on your order or get in touch ;)

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