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Stock up for Summer!

This week, Friday 29th July, is our last bakery for a few weeks, so stock up for summer as all our goodies can be frozen, ready to defrost the day you want to eat them, 5-10 minutes in the oven will bring back that freshly baked smell!

As the school holidays are now in full swing and many of our customers are enjoying the local bread found in exotic locations, we have decided to have a break from baking during August. Katie and I will be hanging up our aprons on the (hopefully) hottest Fridays of the year and will be out at different bakeries and cafes exploring the competition and hope to return with new products in September to delight you and your household.

After this week, 29th July, our next full bakery day will be Friday 2nd September.

Favourites for the freezer:

If you have dietary requirements and would like us to exclude an ingredient from a recipe, please let us know...

All other products can be found by collection or by searching for your favourite.

Whilst our official opening times are 5-7pm, we do try to finish our baking earlier than that, so if you would like to pick up by a certain time, do leave a note on your order and we will try to plan our baking to allow that.

As always, please can we have your orders in by 5pm on Thursday.

Thanks and we hope to see you on Friday,

Sara & Katie

p.s. If you have any allergies or questions do leave a note on your order or get in touch ;)

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