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Stocking up for Half Term?

It may seem like the children have only just gone back to school, and with the blue skies, sunshine and 23c in the conservatory, it still feels quite summery, but I can assure you that our garden is testament to the changing seasons as the chickens are dropping their feathers to coincide with the trees dropping their leaves.

Fortunately, the chickens will be growing new feathers for the colder months, whilst the trees will remain bare until spring. As Half Term approaches, if you are going to be feeding extra mouths during the daytime next week, why not try our new Large Tin Loaf which is perfect for sandwiches to take on a 'wellie - walk' or bag some Sweet Treats for afternoon tea when it's 'that time of day'.

As the evenings get longer, our thoughts turn to cheese & wine by the fire - if this is also a treat for you, may I recommend our fruit & nut sourdoughs or a rye loaf and maybe a chutney or pickle to compliment your supper?

As usual we'll have lot of others treats available this Friday for you to enjoy the whole week through. All products can be found by collection or by searching for your favourite.

Don't forget that all our loaves are made with organic flour and ethically sourced ingredients...

As always, please can we have your orders in by 5pm on Thursday.

Thanks and we hope to see you on Friday,

Sara & Katie

p.s. If you have any allergies or questions do leave a note on your order or get in touch ;)


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