Collection: London Honey

Whilst we are very proud of our honey made by the bees at Hen Corner, we are also delighted to partner with local award winning bee keepers to offer you a variety of local London Honey.

We invite you to collect* your honey from our Micro Bakery on Fridays allowing you to see the hives in the garden and chat to Sara our bee keeper.

*Please note that we don't post our honey due to weight and vulnerability of glass jars (do contact us if a Friday collection is difficult and we will try and get it to you another way).

Many people find that a little bit of local honey a day can help build up tolerance to the pollens responsible for seasonal allergies, therefore, choosing honey from the bees who forage where you sneeze will be the most delicious way to arm yourself in the allergy battles.

“Your honey is the BEST ... and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t especially like honey! It has worked wonders for my hay fever, something that I never thought possible. I haven’t had to touch a single antihistamine this year, thanks to you. 🐝🐝🐝”

Nemone Sariman, Happy Honey Customer

We can pinpoint the jar to the apiary site and if you were to draw a radius of 1.5 miles from the hive you can see the forage area where the bees have been gathering nectar.

If your home is in the forage area, you may even spot some workers from the hive busy at their day job in your neighbourhood!

At harvest time, we simply remove the honey frames from the hive, uncap the wax seals, spin the honey from the frame and double filter it.

No heating, no blending, nothing added or taken away.

Pure liquid gold.